How to Deal With Challenging People In Your Lab (and Beyond)

#69 — Challenging people. You get them everywhere. Your lab—and beyond.

There's the one who block-books instruments for two weeks straight. There's the one who barely shows up and seems to get by doing far less work than you. There are data thieves and god complexes, post-it note warriors, and everything in between.

Heck, labs can be real frontier towns.

Some challenging people might be irritating fellow scientists, which you can mostly avoid. Others are so colossally awful that they make you dread going into the lab. And if your role forces you to work closely with such a person, for example, if they are your manager or sponsor, they can take a massive toll on your mental health.

In this episode of The Happy Scientist, we'll explore strategies to deal effectively with challenging people. They will help you manage challenging relationships and chronically awkward encounters. Plus, they are scalable, meaning you can apply them beyond your lab for a consistently happier outlook, enhanced personal growth, and improved resilience.

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How to Deal With Challenging People In Your Lab (and Beyond)