Urgency. How to Keep it From Ruining Your Day, Project, and Career

#70 — Academia can seem like nothing but deadlines.

Experiments, people, reports, and objectives compete for our immediate attention. Sometimes, rightly so.

But you can't physically do everything at once.

And when rushing becomes the rule rather than the exception, all your well-reasoned priorities can be totally derailed, leaving you feeling like you are always playing catch-up.

Plus, rushing usually has a negative impact on the quality of your work.

So what steps can you take to stop urgency from becoming your default work mode? How can you deal with people putting urgency on you? And can you tell false urgency from things that genuinely need doing quickly?

In this episode of The Happy Scientist, we explore how to reduce the sense of urgency and alarmism in your work to get a clearer sense of your priorities, build sustainable working habits—and deal with legitimately urgent matters when they occur.

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Urgency. How to Keep it From Ruining Your Day, Project, and Career